Curto Marco’ s is the traditional Langhe family-run winery, and has been handed down from father  to son for three generations. The winery comprises about 4 hectares in the hamlet Annunziata of La Morra municipality, in the heart of Barolo production area. Curto Marco and his wife Adele themselves cultivate the vineyards, taking care of each plant, in every season of the year, and according to nature cycles. The vineyards extend all around the cellar. So, winepressing takes place at the same time of harvesting. The grapes are collected manually in small cases, thus allowing a major control of grape quality. The cellar, although small, is a modern one: wooden casks are used, but also stainless-steel tanks (partly thermoconditioned) to check temperature during fermentation. Moreover, great attention is given to winemaking, which is carefully followed up by the winery owner with a great respect for tradition and use of cutting edge technology.

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